About Me


Thanks for checking out my blog, “Only a Few Minutes”.  I started this blog because, as a mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, professional, etc… I know that time is limited.  I also know that the material available on the internet is incredibly rich, and there is a lot of it.  My goal is to sift through the options and give you recommendations each week— things that I think are worth checking out when you only have a few minutes.

I am the incredibly blessed mom of a 4 year old daughter, Eliana, and wife to my dream man, Sky.  He is way more interesting than I’ll ever be, but I keep the ship afloat, so we’re even.  Eliana is kind, funny, spunky, and breaks my heart open in the best and worst ways.

Sky does some pretty compelling stuff- you should check him out at www.skynelson.com.  His music touches my soul, and his study of synchronicity is fascinating.  It’s worth looking into.

For about fifteen years, I worked as a school administrator and loved it.  Right now, I’m between things, exploring new opportunities, and really cherishing the chance to take a deep breath.  I also have a masters degree in counseling psychology.

Theater has been part of my life since I was 5 years old.  I try to participate in a show or two a year when Sky and I can work it into our crazy family schedule and when I’m lucky enough to be cast in a production.  I also love to work behind the scenes and have worked as an assistant director several times.  Live theater is enchanting to me and I really love being part of it.

The first photo is of Eliana and I enjoying special mama/daughter time, followed by Sky and Eliana doing their magic love thing.IMG_3332

sky ellie hike


Thanks for reading.  I welcome your feedback and suggestions at any time.


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