What to check out this weekend: May 2, 2013

2 May

Dear Friends,

Here are my recommendations on what to check out this weekend, May 2, 2013:

This sweet couple got married in Boston the weekend after the Boston Marathon attacks.  Her essay about the changes they made to their plans and the valient efforts of those they love is heartwarming. (From Vogue)

“During our Harvard Square summers, we were in our early twenties, unpublished and awash in romance. Years later, on the day before our wedding, we stared out in a ghostly Harvard Square, spotting the occasional armed officer in fatigues on the sidewalk—a stark reminder of how much the world had changed.

Or perhaps we were the ones who had changed, or were being changed: the dangers were there all along, and we were no longer able to avoid seeing them.”

I have read a few stories like this one over the years- the ones about going-on-with-a-joyful-event-in-the-wake-of-tragedy.  I always find comfort in them.

This idea for capturing moments is darling and simple. (From Reaves, party of three)

“It’s going to be many, many years before these albums are complete, but it will be fun to read how their favorite things have changed over the years.”

I am always struggling with how to remember Eliana at various phases of her life.  This is such a cute idea, and you really don’t even have to do the whole book thing.

There is always a lot of chatter about work/life balance.  This post talks about managing energy as the key.  (From A Blog About Love)

“And, consider this:  just because your day is planned out and you have X amount of hours for this and that, you could still feel unbalanced.  Balance is not external.  Case in point:  you could be sitting on a bench in the park on a gorgeous day and STILL feel like a frazzled mess. “

I do think this author can be a little overly positive, to be honest.  But I appreciate her perspective, and I thought she made some thoughtful points in this post.

Happy reading, friends!




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