What to check out this weekend: April 18, 2013:

18 Apr

Dear Friends,

Here are my recommendations of what to check out this weekend, April 18, 2013:

Why I Married a Black Guy is a thoughtful commentary on some (rather old school) myths/assumptions/lame ideas. (From Fried Okra).

“So I thought, now that I’ve been married to Al for almost ten years, it might be interesting to shhare my own personal perspective and experiences as they pertain to the most common of those theories.”

I know I basically live in a bubble of sorts.  But, really?  People actually think these things?

The past week has been stained by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  This Harvard student and marathon runner has a message of hope. (From the Harvard Crimson).

“Both kinds of heroes inspire us by the sheer magnitude of their individual willpower.  If we are tempted to despair in the face of the horror caused by a few contemptible individuals, these thousands rescue us and awe us by the spectacle of their humanity and resilience.”

Often, in the face of tragedy, I find myself hanging onto the helpers.  Perhaps the grief of the tragedy is too much for my heart to bear, but when I read stories of the heroes, my tears come freely.

This recipe for a quinoa and kale salad made my mouth water. (From Babble).

Yum. I love quinoa and kale, and I am always looking for fast, healthy summer recipes!

Finally, not to get too political on you, but this is an easy tool that allows people to submit a letter to the State Department about the Keystone XL pipeline.

The KXL is a project that will benefit very wealthy investors, but is a bad idea for the American people. The gasoline generated from the pipeline will probably not even be sold to American’s, but rather sold wherever it can get the highest price. Stopping the pipeline is a huge step for dealing with the problem of climate change.
You can write as many letters through this tool as you like, 1 per day if you like. The tool makes it extremely easy to pick and choose your comments. The public comment period for this issue ends Monday April 22.

If you are so moved, go ahead and submit a letter.

Happy reading, friends.




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