What to check out this weekend: February 7, 2013

7 Feb

Dear Friends,

Here are my recommendations for what to check out this weekend!

This short talk from Gabby Giffords is inspiring. (From upworthy)

“Be bold.  Be courageous.”

I have been truly inspired by Ms. Giffords and appreciate that she remains a voice for the causes she believes in.  That’s real leadership.

This quiz about finding joy is worth the time and energy. (From Oprah).

“Can’t remember the last time you did something just because it made you smile? This exercise will help you find room in your overloaded schedule for small but powerful doses of bliss. “

I still need to finish this exercise, but I truly think it is a good one!

This piece called “What Not to Say to a Working Mom” made some great points. (From Huffington Post).

“I don’t think anyone sets out to be rude or judgmental, but I’ve been surprised at what well-meaning and generally thoughtful people say to mothers who aren’t staying home full-time with their children.”

The issue of being a working mother is complicated for me and for most parents I know, whether they work out of the home or not.  I find that I am easily hurt by comments that are made around this subject, and I know it’s because I am conflicted myself.

This post about making a photo wall inspired me this weekend. (From Shineorset)

“I think frame walls are unique, personal, and bring a little more “artsy” of a feel to a room.”

While Sky and Eliana were away last weekend, I got to work on putting up some art in our house.  This was no easy task!  I went through photos, got them printed, spray painted frames, headed to the thrift store for more frames, touched up the paint, mapped out my plan…and then ditched the plan 1/2 through.  My work totally paid off though, and I’m really pleased with the new additions to our house!

These ideas for Valentine’s Day wreaths were totally cute! (From Simple Design)

“Lots of pretty ideas out there for Valentine’s themed wreaths, so I rounded up some lovely ones to give you ideas for purchasing or making yourself.”

This post is a link-up to some Valentine wreath ideas.  I like them all!  Which are your favorites? And, are you like me and will just look and think “how cute”?  Or will you actually attempt to make one or two?

Happy reading!




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