What to check out this weekend: January 31, 2013

31 Jan

Dear Friends,

It has been a whirlwind at my house and inside my heart, so forgive me for not having quite so many links this week.  I think I will need to decrease the amount of links as a habit so that I can keep up with regular weekly postings… or… would you prefer less posts with more links? I have been committed to a post each week, but I fear I might not be able to keep up with that if I am trying to provide 5 links or so.  One option is to keep posting weekly, but provide fewer links.  Or, I could post less frequently with more links.  I’d love your feedback.

Here’s what to check out this weekend: January 31, 2013:

This story about revisiting a summer camp reminded me of my own experiences. (From Hollywood Housewife).

“I must have leaked out all of my angst onto the minivan floor, because when I strolled across the upper soccer fields for the first (and 572nd) time, my soul was completely still.”

I like Laura’s blog for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that she is very different from me.  This short story reminded me, though, that no one is that different, actually.  I could have written this story about my own memories of summer camp, working there, hating it, loving it, putting on the rose-colored glasses and taking them off.

This video about decorating a small space makes me smile. (From youtube).

“Shoes just seem to take over my space.”

I am in love with the shoe solution this woman has created!  Actually, I love the whole apartment!

This post with the actual emails sent in a new love relationship is super sweet. (From A Blog About Love)

“There could have been no greater start to my day today than the email I received from you.  I absolutely LOVE the good woman you are and desire to be.  I can’t believe that it could actually get better than this, and yet my experience with each passing day tells me, it can, it does, and it will.”

This lovely couple fell in love over email, and we get a peek into their early communication here.  (There is a little bit of God talk here- doesn’t bother me a bit, but heads up!)

Have an amazing weekend!  If you are not already a subscriber, please consider adding me to your reader of choice, or adding your email address at the very bottom of the page by clicking “follow”.




3 Responses to “What to check out this weekend: January 31, 2013”

  1. Angela January 31, 2013 at 7:52 am #

    I look forward to the weekly posts and would love even one or two posts. Hope all is well!

  2. Angela January 31, 2013 at 7:53 am #

    *I meant one or two links weekly 🙂

    • Dana February 14, 2013 at 8:49 pm #

      Thanks for the feedback, Angela!

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