What to check out this weekend: December 20, 2012

20 Dec

Dear Friends,

My heart is heavy as I write to you in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  I have been knocked to my knees.  As a parent, as someone who works in a school, as a human being… I hurt.  We all do.

It seems somehow wrong to do my typical links, so please excuse this unconventional post.  You might want to grab a cup of tea and settle in with a warm blanket.

All of the posts here, except the last, relate to Sandy Hook.  It’s one small way I am paying tribute.

Here are my recommendations for what to check out this weekend: December 20, 2012:

This poem helped move me into my feelings. (“Connecticut”- from Bentlily.com)

This really hit home for me. (“What Six Looks Like”- from jrowewalters.wordpress.com)

This mom writes beautifully about her feelings regarding the shooting, among other difficult things.  (“breaking news, bearing arms”- from girlsgonechild.net)

This is the best advice I found for taking care of our children when the unimaginable occurs. (“Helping Children Exposed to Shocking Events”- from Hand In Hand Parenting)

This will help soothe you. (“26 Moments that Restored our Faith in Humanity This Year”- from Buzzfeed)

And finally,  I’m 100% confident that treating others with kindness, patience and generosity is one sure way we can affect positive change.

This is one idea. (“#26 Acts of Kindness” -from Ann Curry)

I appreciate you staying with me as we all try to move forward after this unspeakable tragedy.  I welcome your thoughts in the comments.




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